1. The Tiny Team is a developmental team by invitation only. We are training the girls to start on the road to competition, and this is the time we decide if they would do best in Rhythmic Gymnastics or Artistic Gymnastics. Emphasis on form, discipline, and perfection through repetition!The tiny team poses for a picture with their coaches
  2. The Rhythmic Gymnastics Team competes on the floor, using hand apparatus in their routines: Rope, Hoop, Ball, Clubs, & Ribbon. Rhythmic Gymnasts must be both flexible and strong, graceful, and with great eye-hand coordination! Gymnasts practice 3-6 hours per week.A girl practices ryhthmic gymnastics with a ball
  3. The Artistic Gymnastics Team competes on the Floor, Beam, Bars, and Vault. We compete from January through May, but team gymnasts must train year round.  Gymnasts practice 6-12 hours per week.A meet's award ceremony
  4. The Pre-Team is the intermediate step between Tiny Team & the competitive Team.A girl competes on the uneven bars