2024~2025 Afterschool Program~$98/wk~

Carolina Gymnastics Academy provides transportation to CGA Afterschool Care.  Our program is offered to children at the following schools: Bellamy, Codington, Pine Valley, Masonboro, and Parsley. 

Daily Schedule: Upon arrival, children hang backpacks in the Afterschool building and proceed to free play in the gym.  No toys or electronics are allowed in gym; they must stay in backpack.  Children are allowed to play on bars, balance beams, trampolines, and mats; before leaving the gym, children are required to clean up equipment. Students play outside until after 5pm, except during homework time.  We provide homework supervision, but not 1:1 tutoring!  When children come inside after 5pm or on rain days, there are board games, coloring, arts & crafts, toys, and books to keep them occupied.

Snacks:  Children must eat snacks they have brought from home; if they have parental permission, they may purchase snacks, which will be billed to your account monthly.

Behavior Policies:  We expect students to listen to our coaches and obey our rules: No touching, no hitting, no bad words, no defacing or breaking our equipment, no backtalk to staff, no electronics.  If there is a discipline problem, we will notify parents at pick up, and we expect parents to reinforce our rules.  If discipline issues continue, we reserve the right to terminate care immediately.

Parent/Child Communication:  You are paying us to take care of your child; please do not allow your child to call you at work from any of their devices.  Apple watches and phones must be kept in backpacks.  If we need to communicate with you, we will call you.  If you need to get an emergency message to your child, call the gym, and we will communicate the message to your child.

Parent Must Be Reachable:  If we are calling you to pick up your child due to sickness or injury, you must answer your phone and respond by coming, or sending someone, to pick up your child right away.

Absence Notifications: Please email the gym if your child is sick or is a car rider.  We can’t leave the school until we verify your child’s whereabouts, and that puts us behind schedule!

Late?  Afterschool Care ends at 6pm ~ Don’t be late.

Teacher Work Days/Veteran’s Day/MLK Jr. Day:  *** These are considered All Day Camp days; you must register online to reserve your spot.  8am-6pm, $69 per day.  Afterschool Care will be prorated on the weeks that these occur.

Intersession for Codington Students:  We are not providing Intersession Care this year; please make other arrangements!

Billing:  You are reserving a spot in the program and on the bus; we do not prorate for family vacations or sickness.  The gym will adjust tuition when the gym is closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break. We follow the NHCS calendar for most holidays.

Payment:  All families must have a valid credit card or bank account on file, with sufficient funds to pay your bill. Tuition is charged on Friday for the upcoming week; if your card is declined, you receive email notification and must update your card immediately.

Weekly Tuition: $98 per week    Paid in advance, each Friday

Teacher Work Days/Veteran’s Day/MLK Jr. Day:  $69 – must register online!

Annual Registration Fee: $50 per family