2022~2023 Afterschool Program~$90/wk

Afterschool Pick Up & Care Until 6pm!  (5 DAYS A WEEK ONLY)  If your child needs after school care and they go to Codington, Bellamy, Pine Valley, Masonboro, or Holly Tree, we can pick up and provide care until 6pm.

  • *The Gym~15,000 square feet of gymnastics free play, with bars, rings, tumble traks, and 2 foam block pits. During holiday fun weeks, we have our inflatable bouncy houses out for the Afterschool kids to enjoy.
  • *Playland~our wooded playground, equipped with swings, teeter totters, slides, zip lines, log roller, 3 gyro-twirls, a playhouse, and most importantly, nature!
  • *Gameland~children play organized outdoor games with teachers.
  • *Sportsland~GAGA ball, soccer, T-ball, obstacle courses, relay races, basketball on our Astroturf.
  • *Artland~Playdough, painting, sidewalk chalk, finger painting.
  • *Leisureland~Slingball, cornhole, hula hoops, picnic tables, and a place to relax and talk.
  • *Afterschool building~in our big, comfortable 2600 square foot building, we have educational toys, books, board games, card games, homework help, arts & crafts, and G or PG rated movies on rain days.


Our Staff: We have a staff of energetic college students, under the supervision of our Afterschool Director, Miss Laurel.  All have a love of children, and understand the responsibility and influence they have in the day to day lives of your children. All staff members are guided by our CGA philosophy: Where Kids Come First, & Learning is Important. Co-owners Rebecca Bishop & Michele Zapple are onsite and available, every day.

Safety & Security: Once the children enter the Campus, we expect that they will stay within our fenced-in Outdoor Recreation Area, Gym, or Afterschool Building, until they are checked out by the approved parent or guardian at the Afterschool Building. For your child’s safety, we do not allow any adults other than our staff, beyond the Afterschool lobby. Anyone picking up your child must be on your child’s paperwork, and should be prepared to show ID if asked.

Payment Rates & Policy: $40 non-refundable Deposit to hold your spot~applied towards your first week of charges.  We require valid bank account, debit card, or credit card information to be kept on file for automatic debiting. Tuition is debited every Friday for the upcoming week. There is no prorating for missed days; your tuition is reserving your place in the program, regardless of attendance. If you decide to drop from our Afterschool program before the end of the school year, a two week paid notice is required.  

Behavior Guidelines: We do not allow physical aggression, bad words, or bullying. If we see it, we address it. We expect the children to respect the authority of the staff, and comply with all instructions, directions, and requests. If we are having trouble with a specific, repeated behavior, we will notify the parent; otherwise, we will take care of any misbehavior at the time. Most of our rules have to do with safety and courtesy, and must be enforced so that all children can play together safely and happily. If a child cannot follow our rules, we reserve the right to terminate care immediately.

Ages Kindergarten-5th Grade